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Typejuice isn't just another typography studio. We craft typefaces with the modern creative in mind, building tools for designers of all types to help them achieve their creative vision. Established in 2019, we have provided unique fonts to designers worldwide for use across all media.

We also provide tailormade typefaces for clients and brands.
Drop us a line with any further questions about our
products, licenses or custom typefaces.
Drop us a line with any questions or product support.
We also love to see our fonts in the wild.
When purchasing or using TypeJuice™ fonts, you confirm that you understand and agree to the terms of this license agreement.
Desktop License
Desktop licenses enable you to create graphics and products for yourself and your clients. The licensed font can appear in unlimited commerical and personal projects.

A single desktop license is valid for a single user or computer. Multiple licenses are needed for multiple users or computers. A licensed font can not be given to a client, the client must purchase there own licence.

Desktop licensed fonts can not be embedded in anyway including and not limited to websites, apps, ePublications or servers.
Website License
Website licenses enable you to embed font files into a single website with a maxium of 150,000 monthly views. For websites with greater traffic than 150,000 monthly views please contact us for a custom web license.

A single web license is valid for a single website. Multiple licenses are needed for multiple websites. A desktop license is need when a static / rasterized image of a font is used on a website.

Web licensed fonts can not be embedded and used in apps, ePublications or servers.
Commerical License
A single commerical license enables you to use a font across multiple licensing envirnoments. This includes the following.
Desktop License: 5 Users
Website License: Unlimited Views
Broadcast License: Unlimited viewers
Ebook License: Unlimited downloads
App License:  Unlimited downloads
Universal &
Custom License
We also offer universal licenses for our fonts and typefaces that cover all media with unlimited usage. For more specific licensing needs we offer fully customized licenses. Please contact us directly for more information and a quote.
Upon payment in full, TypeJuice™ grants a worldwide, perpetual,  non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license binding the licensee identified in the transaction.
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