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Frequently asked questions on the use of TypeJuice™ fonts.

How do I access the alternate glyphs?

Most Adobe applications allow you to do this by selecting a single glyph with the cursor. You should then be prompted with the available alternates for that glyph. For other applications it would be best to check the documentation on how to access alternate glyphs.

Can I use a desktop license to create a logo?


Can I sell products made with your fonts?

Yes, as long as the font isn't embedded in the products. The product can only include flattened images ( .jpeg, .png, ect.. ) and not the font.

Can I change or modify your fonts?

You can not modify, adapt, translate, alter, or change the source code of the font or the designs embodied within the font. You may not commission or authorize any third party to alter or modify the font.

You may import characters from the fonts as graphical objects into software (such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop) and modify such graphical objects.

Can I use a Website license to design graphics for a website?

Website licenses are only to be uploaded to the website they are licensed for. If you wish to use the same font to design graphic assets for the same site you will need a desktop license as well.

If I work with other designers do we need additional licenses for each designer using the font?

Yes, each designer using the font will need a license. You can purchase all the licenses at the same time by changing the quantity on the product page or each designer can purchase a separate license.

Can I use a font converter to change the font format?

Any further questions, get in touch with us.